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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

My guess would be because of the centre she is building in Hamburg.
How far is it from Munchen to Hamburg.
I have to chuckle a bit, please,please don't anyone take it in a bad way.
But over the years when my sister in law who is dutch and I are calculating distances.
When she is in the U.S.
Me: It's pretty far.
She:U.S. far or Netherlands far.
Me: U.S. far.
She: oh, that's too far.
or when I am in the Netherlands
She: oh, its pretty far.
Me: U.S. far or Netherlands far.
She: Netherlands
Me: oh, that's close.
It's just that living in the U.S. because it's too big,and the city I live is very spread out, one just gets used to driving or traveling long distances.
You have to do it , so you get used to it, although personally I would love to live a smaller place where I didn't have to drive so far to get anywhere.
The first time my Sister-in-law's husband came to visit. He and I were talking about differences in systems and a lot of things. I told him, one of the problems why some things work well there and couldn't be done here even if its a good idea.
Its just too big. He said how big is this state, the Netherlands is the same size at least.
No, you could fit almost 2 of your country in this state and it is not a large state.
He didn't believe me till I showed him in an almanac.
So when I hear far....
It is just a difference in what one is used to and in perspective so please don't anyone take offense.
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