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Re: Steffi Graf Admiration Thread Vol 2

Originally Posted by Lynz View Post
tanaja, Andre in an interview in a Las Vegas newspaper, said regarding the exo at the roof opening at Wimbly that it was set up "by a friend of Stef's". I don't think him being there would have made any difference. I'm glad it was sorted out though.

I often wonder during Wimbledon if the Duchess of Kent would have excused herself from presenting reportedly out of protest over a disagreement with others at the AE club if Steffi was still playing. I sincerely doubt it.

Prince William talking about childhood memories spoke fondly of going to Wimbledon with his mother to see Steffi play. I read that around the time of this year's AO.

A couple of British related things regarding Steffi that I find interesting.
The name "Steffi Graf" shows up in the British language in Cockney rhymning slang.
Means to "have a laugh"

But I was most surprised to find out that a vehicle used by the British military is nicknamed Steffi Graf among military personnel. Its the 4 tonner Leyland Daf. The vehicle is a lorry that is know for its strength,reliability and adaptability on being able to run on a wide variety of surfaces. It is extremely versatile and can be air lifted where it is needed.
Is it nicknamed Steffi Graf because it rhymes or because it characterizes Steffi's proven abilities. Maybe both. I found it interesting that it is though.
wow! Its like a honor from Britain army. Thanks for sharing.,keep posting more,

Steffi Graf - My Best: "Steffi is the goddess of Tennis" : John McEnroe
"She let her racket do the talking. I've always looked up to her and the way she approached the game" : Pete Sampras
"In my opinion she 's the best lady that has ever played" : Andre Agassi
"She's one of the greatest players, maybe even greatest" : Richard Krajicek
"Steffi is the best all around player of all-time, regardless of surfaces" : Martina Navratilova
"Steffi is definitely the greatest singles player ever" : Billie Jean King

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