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Originally Posted by Elisse View Post
Roland Garros....once again saw all of Akgul's matches here, except the last Mixed doubles. R1 was against Martinez Sanchez on Court 3...what a match!!! Akgul lost her first service game...didn't look nothing wrong with MJMS....was 2-1, then MJMS called for the trainer which was a surprise to everyone, she was crying, doctor was called...problem with her neck etc... Anyway, she came out to play again....only problem was with her serve, no problems with any other part of her game. Akgul on the other hand was awesome...she played a truly incredible match...beautiful drop shots, awesome slice BH, great serving, amazing angled volleys at the net....she played all the shots so well!! MJMS looked pretty stiff when she was serving...but she didn't have any problems with any other part of her game. She then started serving underarm which was a total shock to everyone...including Akgul, no one expected that!! (Personally, she didn't look injured enough to serve underarm...I definately think it was done for gamesmanship, everyone at the match seemed to think that also) Akgul didn't let it effect her though, she stayed positive, motivated and full of belief!! Honestly, out of all the matches I've ever seen her play (and it's a lot ) this was one of my top 3 favorite matches of hers...she was incredible!!!

R2 against Larsson...not much to say about this match, another awesome performance from Akgul, Larsson returns everything...a tough match but Akgul just worked really hard, played her own game and got the win. R3 against Scheepers...Akgul really didn't get a chance to get into the match...Chani controlled from the start, Akgul has the game to beat her (and has beaten her before) but Chani just had the luck on her side, took her chances and won. Women's doubles with Voskoboeva was not so rained a few times during the match...Akgul was motivated, but poor Galina just was having a bad day at the office, every shot she tried just didn't work....netted all volleys she tried, serve was off..and the other two was just too good.

Ok, onto the Mixed This was a total surprise, think they only got in cause other teams withdrew...I should have been going home on the day they were playing but I wanted to see the match so much I changed my flight and stayed extra 48 hrs Akgul and Aisam make a great team!!!! They have that special magic when they play together (same as Eastbourne last year with Sugiyama) They were just so fun to watch, crazy shots at the net from Akgul..great serving from both, lots of laughing...what a team!!! Really want them to partner eachother again..they were so entertaining and fun to watch At the end of the match they just looked so happy, Aisam was thrilled with the win and it was one of those matches that just makes you smile when you think of it....well worth changing my flight for!!

That's the end of my little reports for now - will try and write a bit about Eastbourne later, still got so much to do before Wimbledon starts
Thank you so much for the great reports! Your photos match what you say about the Akgul-Aisam team chemistry. Am disappointed not to see them in the Wimby mixed draw.
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