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Re: Lucie's Wild Wonderful Quite Winning Wimbledon 2010 Thread

Your're right Robert.

Or I guess it's Lucie's Woeful 'Oh Well' Not Quite Winning a Match at Wimbledon Thread.

Sorry everyone. David I was following point tracker and the first set was annoying.

Laura, I definitely hear what you're saying about the surfaces. Sometimes I wish people talked more about tennis from a playing perspective on the boards.

I think Lucie could have a good game for grass. My argument -- and maybe I'm wrong here -- is she need only look to Nadal (or Lopez to a lesser degree) on the men's side and Makarova on the women's side to see what damage she could do as a lefty on grass.

A lefty with a strong serve like Lucie should be able to win service games and points with ease on grass. Makarova just went through Eastbourne qualies and main draw winning straight sets and Azarenka was simply not returning Makarova's serves out wide in the final.

Granted Makarova hits a lower flatter ball on groundstrokes than Lucie and doesn't have as big of a swing, especially on the forehand side. I think Lucie's form or technique is more fun to watch, but Makarova is obviously a lot more effective.

Anyway, let's stick a fork in this thread.
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