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Cool Great to be the hosting country!

Great to know that we are gonna host Germany for Fed Cup play-off in Jakarta! Based on the news - MW aka Mama War - PELTI will decide soon which court to be used on July 19-20...Possibilities are: rebound ace indoor stadium in Senayan but by opening its roof top (but I heard that due to lack of maintenance, its roof cannot be opened anymore! Indonesia is notorious in its incapability for maintaning things properly...such a waste! )...or Senayan clay court being covered by board to be plexi pave or hard court in Kemayoran Tennis Center!

According to Suzanna "grandma player" Anggarkusuma - she will consult with Angie & Wynne first in choosing courts...But for sure, she said that Angie does not like to play clay in Senayan as well as indoor...We'll see! I would love to see German players to play outside under hot and scorching sun in the month of July of our life...Based on the news - Wynne has won twice against Anca Barna in French Open and Canadian Open while lost to Weingartner in Sydney.

I really have to be there to cheer Angie & Wynne!!! It will be great if Nadia, Amri can come and join, too...We can sit together and be loud! hahaha...I am really looking forward to be situated in the atmosphere of Fed Cup match again...last time back in 1997 when we were trashed by Italy 0-5 in Senayan indoor stadium! It will be great honor and opportunity to watch our beloved players like Angie & Wynne with our own eyes... It is gonna be so real and so cool! Our emotions would be involved...I just really can't wait!!! Bravo, INDONESIA!!! Go for it, girls! I am so proud of you...Last but not least, let's pray for best health for Angie & Wynne until that moment after long and rigorous Europe tour! Worst come to worst, we may have to see Mama War partnered with Suzanna...LOL!
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