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Um back!

Originally Posted by rhz
Hi! nice to see this thread and i haven't join in. by the way guys, do you feel that we should have that Jakarta/Surabaya tournament back? or should we just divide the money and held about 5 $10,000 tournaments. 2 $25,000 and 1 $50,000. what do you think??
Nice to see you rhz and Nadia! Nadia, ru the one in Singapore now? You mentioned that 2nd leg of junior tournament in June - it is "Hemaviton Challenge" organized by Yayuk Basuki, isn't it? I hope, it will be on schedule! I am afraid that I am still gonna be very busy with business travels to Surabaya, Medan & Makassar until June...I'd love to be there, too and it would be fun to meeting you!

rhz - what do you mean by "we should have that Jakarta/Surabaya tournaments back"? You mean Danamon Open in Jakarta USD 140,000 and Surabaya Wismilak USD 110,000 or these 2 10Ks Jakarta and Surabaya? Next August, we will have 2 more 10Ks in Bandung & Jakarta again. IMO, we need to go through the process again - 4 of 10Ks are enough, then we need to have 2 with USD 25,000 and 1 with USD 50,000 or 75,000! That would be good for our condition with endless monetary crisis...8 of 10Ks in Indonesia, it would be perfect as India have more tourneys...Oh, well...all is in MW's hands! She has the power!

I heard that PELTI may have 50,000 tourney this year but they are still debating where to have it - Jakarta or Surabaya...I think, Tarakan in East Kalimantan is ready - they have brand new indoor tennis courts!
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