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Re: Recommend a type of strings!

Originally Posted by sammy01 View Post
i use the yonex 001 (yellow one dementieva used) and i have a friend who is a gold level stringer so leave which brand to him (i know he orders from W & D strings). he has made me try every type of string and i haven't liked any as much as syn. polly's i break like it is made of glass lol

for me because i play so often, i find the syn lasts the longest whilst i feel comfortable with it. i was having my rackets restrung every 2 weeks.

luckily because i have a friend who strings, i only pay for the string sets and because he gets them at cost price it is dirt cheap.
Really then we are in the exact same position . Synthetic gut isn't the most durable, but for feel and durability I think it has the best combination. Plus, I string my own so I can also do it at dirt cheap (plus the string itself is already cheaper than most)

Originally Posted by sammy01 View Post
i'll ask my friend what make of syn gut he uses in my racket.

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