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Re: Kimiko Date and Naoko Sawamatsu

Hi Guys!

Watching today Kimiko's excellent win against the very nearvy and wierd Safina, came to my mind when did I see last Date play? My answer is Wimby SF vs. Steffi 1996. (Back in those days Eurosport hardly showed women's tennis, and I didn't have other satellite, so I missed her San Diego win and her farewell at Masters.)
I did not relly liked her in her first career, I was extremely pissed off beating Mary at that Wimbledon QF, I'd die to see a Graf-Pierce match on the Centre Court, and of course she scored that win against my beloved Gaby at Lipton 95 from 1-6 1-5... denying a Graf-Sabatini final.
But watcher her today was very unique, played so clam and strait, looked so nice and easy, was really great to watch, made fool with her normal shot from Safina many times, brought back the feeling of the good old days. (And her name already was on the very same draw where was Chris Evert's. )
She also changed a lot, I remember she didn't speak English at all, and always was so emotionless, but she showed today everything.

So my question for you: When did you see Kimiko play last before today's match?
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