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Re: Sabine Fans Chat Thread

Mmhh since Sabine is my favorite player I might as well try to be more active in her part of the forum and hopefully get to know people who follow tennis like me .

So I'm Sarah (-1 for originality), I'm 18 and I come from Montréal in Canada... Well, I was borned in Mtl, but I live in a shitty city up north called Laval... since nobody knows about Laval, I just say I'm from Montréal . My first language is french, but I can speak decent english too. I study history in college and soon I'll start university. Other than tennis, I'm a huge, huge ice hockey fan, my favorite team being, of course, the Montréal Canadiens. I used to follow baseball, but since the Expos don't exist anymore, I don't really care about this sport. I like literally any type of music, it just depends on the artists. I think it's not because you don't like any of the artists you heard doing, let's say country music, that you necesseraly hate that. There might be a very good artist that you don't know of yet . I have a preference for female vocalists, especially in rock, metal and trip-hop.
For food... mmhh. I like traditional french canadian food. It looks disgusting but it's actually really good !

I adore German culture, so I was pretty happy to be able to follow an adorable german player like Sabine. I love German history, language (speaking of which I had a few courses, but I can only remember how to introduce myself, ask for the hour and order a beer... but that's all you need, right?), music, ... I'd love seeing more from this country than what's pictured in Alles Gute! or other cliché stuff like that . Anyone knows of Alles Gute! ? It's so bad it's funny.

For the sake of it:
Mein Name ist Sarah, ich bin 18 Jahre alt und ich bin Kanadierin. Ich komme aus Montreal, aber ich wohne im Laval. Ich studie Geschichte und sprache sehr bad Deutsch ! Ich möchte ein Bier, bitte! Wie spät ist es?! lol okay I'm kidding. Basic German!!

So Andrew, Sebastian, nice to meet you.

BTW, Sebastian, to put smilies in your message, you just have to type in their "code". For example, = : ) (without the space). You can see them all when you use the "advanced" reply screen.
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