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Re: Your tennis results?!

Originally Posted by Aaron. View Post
Played today in a USTA Boys 18 Singles tournament

I won 6-1 6-1 and will play the number one seed tomorrow at 12:30 so no pressure

but yeah this guy was really inconsistent he hit about 10 double faults and after those 10 he would serve an ace then hit 10 But I played pretty good I hit 2 aces out wide that he didnt even touch I normally don't hit aces so this suprised me a little and felt pretty good. My groundstrokes were more consistent then his after like the 3rd ball he would go for a winner and miss badly or he would hit a poor drop shot and give me a easy ball to rip.

But all in all a easy match I hate playing the first match of the tournament because I'm always nervous but a win's a win!
Well done. How did you get on today?

I have a match vs a cocky rich guy tomorrow. I beat him a couple years ago when I won the mens tournament at my club but then he beat me the year after (I was injured though) so I really need to show him who's boss tomorrow. He's really good though; he's very aggressive, just like me, and he's been playing so much recently whereas I haven't because of my back so it should be interesting.
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