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Re: Chris Evert Thread

Originally Posted by laschutz View Post
wow, what a great line of respect and admiration for chrissie from steffi when she said after their boca raton match " the only difference between me and chrissie is that chrissie is 34! and later that year 35! and steffi is all of 19!

so basically chris is about old enough to be steffi's mother! lol! of course i guess one could say the same thing when chrissie was 19 and beating up on past their prime billie jean and margaret? although i believe that the age disparity and the talent is not the same! what i mean is that chrissie at 19, and billie jeant at 29 and margaret at 31, so both billie and margaret were still basically in their prime, i mean chris was 19 in 1974, the year before margaret had her unstoppable year in 1973, and the year after 1974 in 1975 billie would win wimbledon, so both were very much still in their prime i think, but chris battling steffi at 34 and steffi at 19, i think its a much greater wider chasm of age and talent, chrissie was really about 3 years past her prime and steffi at her zenith, so you have to give great respect and yes, awe at the talent of 34 year old chrissie!

i truly believe give chrissie her mental toughness when she was younger and at 34/35 on her best days she could be even with steffi!
I totally agree there and I feel that Everts superb court craft, particularly on clay, would have frustrated Graf frequently. Graf is a GOAT without question,maybe the best, but Evert had such a beauty and tranquility to her game that compared to the hustle and nervous bustle of Graf. The only surface I think she would have struggled is fast indoors where she was a little bit less effective than all outdoor surfaces. And she appeared to love outdoor tennis far more anyway. I wonder if Evert and Graf have any communication now???
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