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Originally Posted by Aaron. View Post
Well I consider myself a serious player I've been playing junior tournaments since I was like 12 (Yeah I started tennis late )..I practice about 5-6 times a week 3-4 hours a day doing private lessons with my coach and on weekends I play USTA tournaments. I just got finished playing college tennis at this really small school (which was a joke) I was number one singles and I was like 13-3 the whole year and really shouldnt have lost the whole year. Now im trying to improve alot in the next year so I can make a good college team. Georgia Tech or UGA perhaps

Anyways my main problem has really been focus. When I was like 12 years old I didnt really take tournaments seriously and I just wanted to have fun. Every summer I begged my mom to take me to a expensive tennis camp because I had alot of friends there and it wasnt really to improve. At the camp we were all decent junior players but we didnt take tennis as seriously as we should have. This habit continued until I was like 15 or 16 then I started getting serious but the boys I were playing were more experienced then me (They werent better just more experienced in matches). Now i've been working harder then ever and the results are showing. I think im playing the best I ever have in my life and I'm hoping I can raise my game even more so I can make a decent college team.

Sorry for the Bio guys just wanted to get that off my chest...
Wow, good luck!

I guess the review I gave my game yesterday was me living naively in the past. I played doubles for the first team of my tennis club for the first time ever today and it was definitely an eye-opener. Everything was just so sloppy; my serve wasn't anywhere near as powerful as it usually is, I had problems with my toss also, my footwork was awful, I hadn't faced such a hard serve in so long and I just literally couldn't return the serves over the net, my volleys were terrible and the yips on my backhand were still there. The only saving grace was my forehand but even then I was being so lazy and doing the whip-around Nadal-like forehand rather than getting my feet into position and doing my proper technique.

I guess the one thing I can be pleased with is the fact that I didn't trash my racket and then take my partner's and break it too. He was even worse, he served a game with 4 DFs in a row beginning to end (and his serve is his strength).

It was so frustrating but I guess it really is just a wakeup call for me to start going to the gym again, fixing my diet and also sorting out all the problems in my game. A lot of it is down to my fitness and footwork though as I hadn't been able to exercise for like a year so if any of you guys know any good footwork/fitness drills or indeed any other tips and methods related to tennis then feel free to share them! I need all the help I can get.
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