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Pick-A-Winner (PAW) - Fed Cup Finals - 2010 | SEE POST #31

Pick-A-Winner (PAW) - Fed Cup Finals

This thread is for World Group Semifinal picks. To post semifinal picks, please go HERE

Each individual player can pick 5 matches from both World Group Semifinals and the World Group Finals. So, DO NOT USE ALL 5 PICKS IN THIS THREAD; AT LEAST ONE MUST BE USED FOR THE FINALS.

All players should make picks, but not all will qualify for the final. Only the top so many teams (exact number to be determined later) will actually ever use the picks they make here.

Some basic guidelines, for your comfort as well as mine:

Never edit your post. It leads to ass-kickings. And probably a suspension as well. If you want to change or cancel a pick, use a new post in which you inform me of the change.
Please try to check if a match has started before picking it. If a pick is late it is invalid, and you may replace it.
If a player withdraws before the match, the pick does not count and may be replaced.
If a player retires during the match, the pick is valid.
At least try to number your picks. Makes my job a little easier.
Post in a format in which it is clear who you think will be the winner.
Player A OVER Player B. Player A DEF. Player B. Like that. And not Player A vs Player B. Player B loses to Player A is highly undesirable too.
And finally, please try to use the player's real names, not their nicknames.

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