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Originally Posted by chrissiefan View Post
Hi Macky That's what I'm telling myself, re Rafa, but I'm not convinced. Barcelona, is his home tournamnent, and he never,never misses it! Part of me says, at last he is being sensible, and listening to his body, the other half of me, is all doom and gloom But I guess we will have to wait and see! You had to used the heating this morning, it must be cold then! Martyn still hasn't recovered since we received out Winter heating bills!! I had to bring him around with smelling salts, after he had read them

It's been all drama in our house for the last 2 weeks! Emma had convinced herself she had failed a big exam at college, and that the world was about to come to an end! Only to find out that she had passed after all!! Kids Macky, who would have them!!
SueThat does seem like dramas in your household. I remember what it is like though- all the worry about exams etc can be horrible. As for the heating bills, we are kind of immune to it up here. It kind of goes with the territory!!!Great news for me is that we are taking a week off during the first week of Wimbledon and heading down. Including a stay in Brighton along the way. The gay mecca of the south!!!!
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