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Re: GMT Magazine - April 2010

Banner Tutorial

1 - Open a canvas 600x250 (I usually use this size for GMT banners) and fill it with a colour similar to your picture's background. In this case I used #6f99ad

2 - Insert the pic you wish to use and resize it as you like and use layer masks or the eraser tool (with a soft brush) to erase the edges from both sides of the picture so it is blended in the background. I used this one of Dominika Cibulkova

3 - Now we will insert some stock images. I used 4 different stock images (all taken by me) for this banner:

- a wall image, set to soft light, 100% opacity
- a scratch texture, screen, 100%
- checkboard floor image, rotated and set to lighter color, 55%
- clouds image, desaturated and set to overlay, 85%

The images are quite big so you will need to resize them to fit the banner. Make sure you delete the parts of all these images that cover her face and body.

4 - Now we come to the colouring part. First we will add a gradient map (layer>new adjustment layer>gradient map). You can either create the gradient yourself or load the one I used by going to edit>preset manager>gradients>load and then choose this gradient file ( after you saved it to your computer. Anyway your gradient should look something like this for this banner: Once you applied this gradient, set it to color, 47%. Of course you can adjust the colours on the gradient to your liking.

Now add a new solid colour layer (layer>new fill layer>solid colour) and fill it with a dark shade of grey (I used #191919), then set it to exclusion, 100%.

Next, add a levels layer (layer>new adjustment layer>levels) and use the following values:

RGB - 26,1.26,255
Red 39,1.33,255
Green 51,1.00,243
Blue 19,1.20,255

That was your colouring. You may need to adjust it a bit depending on the pic you use.

5 - Go to layer>new>layer and use the paint bucket tool to fill it with black. Then take your brush tool and drag it along the parts of the banner you would like to keep visible. Set the layer to colour burn, 79% and apply gaussian blur (filter>blur>gaussianblur. You may lower it or increase it according to your liking) to it so the edges between the black and visible parts are softer.

6 - Now just to finish your banner off you can add text if you want. I used the font Veteran Typewriter in #b3141c for the text. Then I duplicated it, desaturated the bottom text layer, set it to exclusion, 49%, slightly blurred it and moved it to the bottom left of the main text.

And here is the final graphic

I hope it wasn't too complicated. Here is a little bonus to the tutorial. A video of how I made the banner:

You are welcome to show us what you come up with

by Poiree

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