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I've found an old article about Maja M with pictures I haven't seen before (made after she won Bratislava). If anybody want's to check it out, it's at the adress article with pictures .

For those who don't understand Slovenian, I "translated" it below. Please excuse the mistakes.

Maja Matevžič is climbing to the top

Slovenian tennis player Maja Matevžič won her first tournament in Bratislava a few days ago. She overshadoved her oponent Iveta Benešova with her excellent play and on top of that she and Slovakian Henrieta Nagyova won the doubles. Extremely nice, ralaxed and always smiling 22 year old from Ljubljana is with this persistently aproaching her goal, to be ranked in the top 20 of the world players.

Did life change after the victory?
I didn't change at all. But there are more respnsibilities and the schedule changed a bit, but other things ramaine the same.

What does this kind of a win mean?
On the tennis ranking, a big jump. Other than that it is sign you have matured, you become more selfassured and changes appear in your game. All that, that leads to the goal, you have set for yourself.

How do the other players see Maja now?
There you can see a big change. Two years ago and even this year at the beginnind nobody even noticed me. I mean it the way that they would ask me for a practice match or to play doubles. Now, at the end of the season, when I started to play better, the better players started to notice me and they invite me for the practice sometimes. It's a bit easier.

Who do you get along with the best?

Considering I have trained and played in Italy, I get along great with the Italians. But in general, there is not a lot of socialising and friendship between players, because this is a pretty egoistical top sport. Boys hang around together even outside tennis courts, but girls only rarely.

You are known for good net game.
Yes, I like net game. It is true that the strokes in the modern tennis make it hard to play at the net, because of the strenght and speed, but I use net game in doubles.

What is a day at the tournament like?
When I have a match, I get breakfast in the morning and then practice (half an hour of practice before the game), then I prepare for the match. I don't have any special ritual, I listen to music most of the time. I don't like to be alone before the match, somebody has to be with me, to keep the pressure off. After the game me and the coach look at what was good and what bad. If I win, I prepare for a new game, otherwise I'm a little disappointed – but not much, because there will be more games in the future.
I played 28 tournaments last year, which means, I spent aproximately 35 weeks at the tennis courts.

Slovenian tennis team is very strong.
I think this is something fantastical, very big achievment. Small country and 3 in the top 50.

Do you have any free time at all?
I have, because I take it. I love to spend it with family, friends. I go to a cinema, on a drink, like everybody else.

You travel a lot, do you get a chance to see all the places you visit?

There is no time really. Especially if you play good and you are on the court all the time.When I was at Moscow, I didn't have even a minute to see things.
I change racquets every 6 months, 5 peices. And I »destroy« 10 pairs of tennis shoes every year.

Who do you cheer for when you are not at the courts?
There are no strong friendships between players, so we don't go to matches. Of course I cheer for Slovenian players. I like to go see men's matches, especially if someone good looking is playing.

Is Maja in love?

Maja is always in love. But really, not yet!

Personal ID

Born 13. 6. 1980, Ljubljana
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Eye colour: green-blue
Hair colour: reddish at the moment
Club: TK Slovan
Coach: Blaž Trupej
Biggest achievements: won Bratislava, 3. round US open , 3. round Wimbledon
Favourite court: i like grass, so Wimbledon.
Favourite book: crime storys, mostly in Italian or English
Favourite music: pop, music that is played at the moment
Favourite food: Italian food
Favourite drink: various juices, I don't like champagne.
webpage: (you can read Maja's journal)
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