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Re: Anybody into BOLLYWOOD movies?

Originally Posted by ashita View Post
Yes, Selling himeslf...exactly!! No one does it better

As i stated before, i dont think he's crappy. I prefer character actors. I dont judge a film only by the amount of money it makes at the box office. I prefer intelligent movies from time to time And most intelligent ones dont make money. Its bollywood after all who else would believe Rab de bana di jodi , in which a woman who cant distinguish between 2 men who look exactly alike

Indian audiences have caught on...the global ones are yet to figure him out

For eg: Khosla ka ghosla made a fraction of what a SRK starrer would make, but i'd take it over a MNIK anyday.

About DDLJ yes, it started the trend of movies directed towards the NRI'S.

Isnt Akshay Kumar among the favs of the NRI's?. I saw some show where the audience consisitng of mostly NRI's fibrillating in ecstasy.
I didn't care for Rab de bana di jodi (it's a movie after all, we watch them to get away from reality) although I purchased it. Actually, I think Indians enjoy fluff. I mean RDBDJ was a blockbuster, and Swades considered a flop No , SRK with all his hamming like you put it, knows how to keep his audience attention. Akshay is not as popular as they tried to make him when he had a few hits after his a gazillion flops He was shoved down the audience throats and then the flops Chandni Chowk To China were back Forget about NRIs--- Bollywood makes way more movies per year that Hollywood , yet the earnings do not come close. Bollywood (Yash Raj, Karan Johar and a few others) have finally realized that we live in a global society and now they make movies geared towards a non Indian audience--- and that my friend is a smart move

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