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Re: Fed Cup is coming to my town!

Originally Posted by hellas719 View Post
I just don't get the Williams Sisters when it comes to Fed Cup. They've ALWAYS been using the same excuse that it doesn't fit into their schedules. It's obvious that they don't want to play. Why don't they just say that they want to focus on their singles careers then? In my opinion, Venus had no excuse to skip last year's R1 vs. Argentina, while at least Serena had Paris Indoors. For the semis, Serena had an excuse (injury), but Venus didn't want to switch surfaces, which I guess was a decent excuse, but it's not like she was playing Stuttgart/Fes so I really don't understand why she couldn't take a week off from the clay...Most players base their schedules around Fed Cup/Davis Cup, but the Williams sisters clearly don't care . Baghdatis for example skipped Indian Wells last year so he could play Davis Cup, which was on hard in his case, so that is one of the many examples out there.
Unfortunately, Venus and/or Serena are only committed to the Fed Cup when it is time to qualify for the Olympics. I would LOVE to see one (Venus) or both of them come to B'ham, but I'm not holding my breath.

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