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Re: Courting Controversy

Originally Posted by thrust
It seems as though YOU are just as hateful as you say Margreat is. I am Gay, Margreat's age, and I can understand her thinkig about gay marriage and lifestyle. I agree with you that people who think people choose to be gay are ignorant of the actuality. However, I think it is unfair of you and others to think that because one does not apporove of the Gay lifestyle necessarily means they hate gay people. In the words of Oscar Hammerstein in South Pacific, one has to be taught prejudice, usually at a young age. It seems that Margreat's religion, like the Catholic Religion, is very anti Homosexuality. I do not believe in Gay marriage, but am against other forms of Gay discrimination, like the Don't Ask, Don't Tell of the US Military. One is entitled to their beliefs, even prejudices, as long as one does not mean to harm someone they do not approve of. How do you know if other players are also anti Gay, Black, Oriental etc.? As far as I know, Margreat has never condemed BJK, Cassals, Navratilova, Bueno or Virginia Wade as people because they were Gay. I agree with her that, in her era, being openly Gay was not a good image for any sport. Times change and today most people under 50 are probably much more acceptable of different lifestyles, Nationalities and Races. At least, I hope so!
Posted by Nelslus

Thrust, for you "one is entitled to their beliefs, even prejudices", until they happen to disagree with what you believe. Then, they get to be called hateful, apparently.

Thrust, you need to know that you are the only person ever anywhere on the internet that I have had to put on "Ignore"- after your revolting comments towards me after my admittedly revolting comments about Justine awhile back (and I wouldn't be surprised if you still can't see what the difference is, much less being Margaret Court's age and all.) I will admit that it is embarrassing to me that I have ever found the need to put someone on "Ignore", which I understand could be viewed as a childish thing to do. Guilty as charged.

Still, after reading this post of yours- suddenly, I'm not so embarrassed. So, thanks for that at least.

I only read this post of yours because I happened to go on this thread without signing in first. My bad. Won't ever un-Ignore you again, or read another Thrust post. As I am doing, I similarly heartily, heartily encourage you to ignore me. Would make both our worlds a brighter place.

Because I am very, very tired of seeing folks (seemingly more than usual as of late) attacking BFTP folks personally here. (Hint: Those of us who live in other worlds- sheeeesh.) Example of how the rest of us are: Chriswhiteside and I disagree quite strongly on a number of issues. And yet, we have always been very respectful towards each other, as Chris is a complete gentleman. It IS possible to disagree even very strongly and yet be respectful and even kind with each other. Wish folks who feel otherwise would just stick with the general WTA and ATP World threads- where personal attacks seem to be allowed, if not even encouraged.

AND, as for Mrs. Court, it took me all of 10 seconds to find the following about Mrs. Court on Wikipedia- admittedly not always exactly the best news source. BUT, let's just say that it doesn't take a lot of digging to come up with the following from numerous sources on the internet. If you still wish to speak up for Margaret's views (I BTW will always defend, say, Mrs. Court's right to say what she wishes- and for me and others to vehemently disagree), and/or justify her views because of the religion she chooses to follow, and/or that she has never condemned the other players for being gay (and it ain't tough to find out what she's said about BJK in the past) and/or not see how damaging her words (and what's posted below ain't all that Mrs. Court has said) can be, thrust- well, knock yourself out:

"In 1990, Court said that Martina Navratilova and other lesbian and bisexual players were ruining the sport of tennis and setting a bad example for younger players.

In November 1994, when delivering a speech at Parliament House in Canberra, Court exclaimed that "Homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord! Abortion is an abomination to the Lord!"

In 2002, Court said that homosexuals commit "sins of the flesh" and can be "changed".She stated that when the open era started, "there was quite a lot of [homosexuality] in there" and added that "a few of the older ones ... were [homosexual]", with younger players being "sort of snared in with it".These comments were made in the context of Damir Dokić's claim that he would kill himself if his high-profile professional tennis-playing daughter, Jelena, became a lesbian.

Court campaigned against laws proposed and eventually passed by the Government of Western Australia in 2002 that gave gay people and lesbians equal legal rights as de facto couples.In an interview she gave on Australian television concerning the laws, she expressed a belief that homosexuality could destroy families."

I BTW do find it extremely classy and understandable why BJK was there in Australia to honor Mrs. Court's incredible tennis career. And if and when Mrs. Court mellows, then all of this can be re-assessed.

Finally, I also wish to publicly apologize to tennisvideos- another complete gentleman, BTW. Clearly, tennisvideos wants this discussion in this thread to be more about Mrs. Court's tennis accomplishments- which I can respect. So, I'll just bow out of this thread. Which, after reading the aforementioned post up above, this ain't exactly a chore for me.
Nelslus= nominated as being as hateful as Margaret Court. And proud of it.
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