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Re: Courting Controversy

Originally Posted by nelslus
*She's made these comments on WAY more than two or three occasions.

*I'd like you to make these same statements, say, to an African-American individual, if her comments had been virulently racist. And, good luck with that.

*Please also note that more times than not, if a person is prejudiced against one group, they have disdain for other minority groups- whether or not they're as public about their other prejudices.

*The thing is- being homophobic is still far too often the "safe" prejudice- as can be seen at least in American movies and TV shows. So, at least until this changes, some of us will continue to speak up. For some of us, we "talk about that one particular aspect more than anything else" because this is about our lives and well-being.

*No one in their right mind would question that Margaret belongs in any GOAT discussion. Otherwise, Mrs. Court has made her homophobic bed- so, I have no problem with her having to lie in it. Fine with me if someone wants to start a "Margaret but ONLY tennis discussions allowed" thread. Otherwise, I can't lose sleep for Mrs. Court over how often folks choose to bring up Mrs. Court's homphobia, here or anywhere. You want folks to focus on your accomplishments, tennis or otherwise? Maybe consider not being hateful then.
Posted by Thrust

It seems as though YOU are just as hateful as you say Margreat is. I am Gay, Margreat's age, and I can understand her thinkig about gay marriage and lifestyle. I agree with you that people who think people choose to be gay are ignorant of the actuality. However, I think it is unfair of you and others to think that because one does not apporove of the Gay lifestyle necessarily means they hate gay people. In the words of Oscar Hammerstein in South Pacific, one has to be taught prejudice, usually at a young age. It seems that Margreat's religion, like the Catholic Religion, is very anti Homosexuality. I do not believe in Gay marriage, but am against other forms of Gay discrimination, like the Don't Ask, Don't Tell of the US Military. One is entitled to their beliefs, even prejudices, as long as one does not mean to harm someone they do not approve of. How do you know if other players are also anti Gay, Black, Oriental etc.? As far as I know, Margreat has never condemed BJK, Cassals, Navratilova, Bueno or Virginia Wade as people because they were Gay. I agree with her that, in her era, being openly Gay was not a good image for any sport. Times change and today most people under 50 are probably much more acceptable of different lifestyles, Nationalities and Races. At least, I hope so!
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