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Re: Courting Controversy

Originally Posted by newmark401 View Post
"On the one hand she doesn't approve of the gay lifestyle, but on the other hand she provides many services to help the poor and needy."

I don't know whether or not Margaret Court has ever used that term - the "gay lifestyle" - although she has said that homosexuality is an abomination (abortion, too). Then again, she also said that the Virgin Mary appeared to her during a vision, so...

Anyway, I'm still wondering what the "gay lifestyle" actually is.
Posted by Dennis Fitz
Here is proof she has:

Now, one wonders, would Madge provide services if someone were poor, needy, AND gay? Madge, darling, what would you do?

Sorry, I know folks want to trumpet Ms. Court as the greatest ever (AS IF!) but a little revisiting of her - yes she is entitled to them - bigoted ignorance is in order here. No, I have never sat down and had a chat with Ms. Court. Then again, she considers me an abomination. So it wouldn't make for very pleasant dinner conversation.

What still amazes me is how straight people like Ms. Court seem so confident in their ability to define something they know nothing about. My favorite (in an awfully, yucky kind of way) is when Madge declares, "People go into homosexuality thinking they're like that and they're actually not." I mean, how would she know?! And people "go into homosexuality" ?!?!?! She makes it akin to "going into show business" or, God forbid (and God should forbid many of them) ministerial work!!! Proving how narrow minded Ms. Court is, at least she admits it: "I'd want to keep them on the straight and narrow." (Yup, straight = narrow!)
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