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Re: Is Rolling Stone magazine capable of giving an album a good review?

Originally Posted by kman View Post
They just have better taste in music than most people here. And no, don't call them "pretentious" just because they don't consider Beyonce and Britney great artists.
I hate Brittney and Beyonce. Rolling Stone gave frikking Jonas Brother a glowing review

My problem is that it seems Rolling Stone is full of bitter people who hate their jobs with complete and utter passion where they feel that "loving" something uncool. How many 5/5 ratings have you seen from RS in the recent years? They\ only stuff they give 5/5 is to re-releases of classic stuff. I don't think I've seen a single NEW album get 5/5 in the past 2 years. That there is the definition of pretentiousness. Ok I take that back I think the U2 got a 5/5 last year but that is an example of RS selling out. Had it been any other band RS would have given it 4 max. If I couldn't find atleast 5-6 albums a year which are 5/5 I would stop listening to music. RS people should just quit their jobs and work in a field that interests them. They are not fans of music- they are just corporate shills who are more concerned with maintaining their "cool" image rather than doing actual reviews.
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