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Re: Kveta Peschke Cheering Thread

Originally Posted by stefi62 View Post
Ok so as promised, my report on the second round match on court 1 I saw today: Black/Huber vs Peschke/Srebotnik.
As some of you may know, I was in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne, and I usually watch doubles in priority, which means this year I have already seen LOTS of matches (over 50 for sure) and this match is probably among the best ones I have seen in 2010.
It started immediatly with Liezel's serve, and very good returns from the opponents. Cara and Liezel won that first game, but I think on deuce, and you could tell immediatly it would be a tough match. Srebotnik held so 1-1. Then despite good serves from Cara, the world number ones got broken, and ran after the score for the whole first set until 4-5 serve for Srebotnik.
During these first games, the shots were fast, with lots of pace, the points were played from the baseline and mostly finished from the baseline with a very good winner from any of the player (more often Liezel for Black/Huber and Kveta, who was on fire, for Srebotnik/Peschke). Very often, as Cara and Liezel headed to the net, Kata or Kveta hit a very precise overhead, that gave them the point, or if that overhead shot was not a winner, at least it sent Cara and Liezel back on their baseline, and Srebotnik/Peschke put the pressure.
Liezel did not serve many first serves but her second serve was good enough for them to score these serve games. On Srebotnik serves until 4-5*, Cara and Liezel hardly found the solution, losing it to love or to 15. On Kveta's serve, it was always closer, but not enough to break. Then that 4-5* game. Liezel called her coach on court, and from that moment, they found the solutions to their previous problems. Then they broke Srebotnik to love or 15 maybe by returning along the line for Cara or curving the ball for Liezel. Back in the set, 5-5 then 6-6 as Cara and Kveta held quite easily. Tie Break then.
Cara-Liezel won the first two points, holding Liezel's serve and breaking Kata's, I don't really remember how. Then they got broken and were down until I think 2*-5 and two serves by Liezel. They scored it and then it was 4-5* serve for Kata. Broken. back 5-5*. Then Kata won her serve point, 5-6*, Cara's serve. She won both, 7*-6. And then on Kveta's serve, they won the set. During the tie break, there's been a very very good point, finished by a mistake in the net by Kveta, and from that moment, she was out of the match. While in the first set, she was the MVP in my opinion. All four players played high level. It was sooo close. I think Cara and Liezel got it because they have been able to think about the problems and find the correct solution quickly enough to avoid the worst.
Second set, Cara-Liezel up 2*-0 quite quickly by breaking Kata. Kveta still out since the tie break point. Then Cara got broken and were up only 2-1*. Kveta held, then so did Liezel. 3-2*. Kata's serve broken easily (if I remember well), and then 4*-2 for Liezel and Cara. Cara's serve, she held, then 5-2*. Kveta could also hold and then Liezel concluded convincingly 6-3. I don't remember which ones exactly, but most of the games went to deuce. So basically, it's been such a close match, any team could have won it, just the most experienced team has been able to take the advantage because they have been a team for years now and play as a team, while Peschke-Srebotnik are very talented players, but not yet a team. Ad of course there's been a few more mistakes from Kata/Kveta. Mostly from Kata in first set, then Kveta in the second. Can't wait to see the revenge of that match in say 3-4 months, it could be even more interesting.

Ok, I don't guarantee accuracy to you guys, as I did not take notes while watching, but truly the way I felt it.

EDIT: oh and no videos or pictures from that match because ANY camera forbidden at Paris Indoors tournament! Go figure!
so it seems kveta was playing a good match.
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