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Re: Taking time off

Originally Posted by form View Post
The rule shrinking the one year grace period from HS to college down to just 6 months in tennis passed this week. All sports (no more 26 year old freshman Quarterbacks at Boston College). For tennis it is effective August 2011 so the word has time to spread world wide.

So next year's 2011 seniors can only wait one semester before starting college... must start by January 2012 or not play any competiton anywhere after Dec 31 until they start school the following year; penalty then becomes sit year in school and lose a year of eligiblity. This effects US kids or int'l kids trying to pro tour OR trying to wait for a better offer the following year (like Brynn Boren waiting one year before starting at Tennessee next year OR Danielle Lao who 'had' planned to wait for a spot a year later until USC booted Niculescu and they freed up a spot this year). So it's not just going to impact int'l recruits. It will likely take a few years before the int'l kids figure this new time frame out.

One thing this will do is eliminate 21 year old freshman. 20 would be possible in some cases but 21 would be almost impossible. Cal-Berkeley's average age is about to drop by about 3 years.

Is it correct that the new rule just applies to starting college as a freshman. As in it would be acceptable under the rule to go to college for a year, and if the player is beating up on the competition, try out as a pro. And if being a pro isn't successful enough, return to college.
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