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Tipping Rules

What is tipping?

Playing Tipping is very easy. The manager will post the Order of Play and then you just tip who you think will win.
We only tip the results of all main draw matches. The QD matches will not be included in the OOP.

For the final match you will also have to guess how many games will be played in the final. This will work as a tiebreaker.


Every match in which at least 1 point has been played will count as a completed match in Tipping. That means that walkovers do not count.

LL-matches/missing match in the manager's OOP

If a WTA player is replaced by a LL AFTER the OOP has been posted this match will be cancelled, unless there is enough time (-- hours) for tipping players to replace their picks.
The same rule applies if the manager forgets to include on of the matches in the OOP.

Deadline for posting picks

Your picks have to be posted (or sent via PM) before the start of the match. Posts made after the start of a match will not count.

Changing your picks

You're allowed to change your picks before the start of the match. Changes have to be made in a new post without quoting your original post.
Changes made by quoting your original post won't count. Changes made by editing your post will make all of your picks in the edited post invalid.


1. The player who guessed the winner.
2. The player who is closest in games guessed.
3. The player who posted the fastest in the final.
4. If no one posted in the final, points from previous rounds are examined going backwards, until a clear advantage of one player is confirmed.

Scoring points

First Round = 1 point per correct tip.
Every additional round = one point more than for the previous, per correct tip.

Bonus points


1st: 100
2nd: 75
3rd/4th: 50
5th-8th: 30


1st: 150
2nd: 100
3rd/4th: 75
5th-8th: 50

Premier 5

1st: 225
2nd: 150
3rd/4th: 100
5th-8th: 75
9th-12th: 35

Premier Mandatory

1st: 250
2nd: 175
3rd/4th: 125
5th-8th: 80
9th-12th: 40

Grand slam

1st: 400
2nd: 275
3rd/4th: 200
5th-8th: 120
9th-12th: 60



1st: 325
2nd: 225
3/4: 150
5-8: 100


1st: 120
2nd: 90
3/4: 60
5-8: 40


1st: 150
2nd: 120
3rd: 90
4th: 70
5-8: 50
9-12: 35


Your 16 best results in the past 52 weeks will count towards your ranking. There are no mandatory tournaments.

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