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Re: An-Sophie Mestach Cheering Thread

The best chances to make it in the "pro-circuit" is to continuisly do well at a young age. This doesn't always mean winning the tournament, but being a semifinalist (at least). Proof thereof you can find in the top 25 ITF under 18 ranking, for female players born in 1994 (as an exemple, but it "works" for other birthyears too, most of the time).

From the six '94-ers, the four semifinalists from Tarbes (considered the main tournament in the world for 14 year olds) were there: Kolar lost against Robson and Mestach lost against Gavrilova in the semifinals, Gavrilova won from Robson in the final.

Even at age 12, Robson and Mestach were in the semifinals, in Auray (same as above, but for 12 year olds).

When looking at their WTA achievements, they all four have done quite well. When you check each player, most win their first ETA title under 14 at age 11...and their first under 18 title at age 13... or close.

It is maybe not a general rule, but very often looking at the top 4 (maybe 8) in Auray and Tarbes is a good indication for where they will be at age 15-16. It will be interesting to follow each one to see how far they get in the WTA-rankings and at what moment.

Clearly, Robson is somewhat "ahead" of the others...winning the Wimbledon Juniors at age 14 and the Australian Open Juniors at age 14-15 as a finalist is unusual. But we shouldn't forget she is physically (growth-wise) quite a bit "ahead" of the other three. Kolar, Gavrilova and Mestach just start to "catch up" now.

So, personally I believe those four probably will continue to do well, IF they don't get severe injuries of course.
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