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Re: Ekatarina Bychkova Cheering Thread!

Here's what I posted in the GM thread. I hope that my translation is okay

This is from Katya's LiveJournal. Note that it was posted after the guy approached her, but before she was suspended...
В связи с некоторыми недавними событиями, ещё раз вешаю верхний пост. Для НЕПОНЯТЛИВЫХ.
Данный блог является моим личным дневником. Я не хочу что бы в нём мне задавали глупые вопросы и давали ценные советы относительно моей профессиональной деятельности. Сообщения подобного рода будут игнорироваться как в комментах, так и в личке. Если кто-то будет проявлять идиотскую настойчивость, будет без дальнейших вопросов и объяснений отправлен в бан.
Прочитали, запомнили и... общаемся дальше.
Here are the main points:
Katya says that in connection with some recent events (I think that I recall her posting this last year after that newspaper article, although the date on the post is clearly incorrect), she is making this post. She basically says that the blog is her personal diary and that she doesn't want people asking stupid questions or giving her advice on her professional activities. She says that she will ignore such messages in commentaries and private messages and that she will ban people without warning if they continue.

I guess she thought that ignoring the guy would be sufficient

Here is what Sveta had to say about it
''For me, when they told me, I was really surprised,'' Kuznetsova said. ''Myself, I had never heard of the rule that you have to report it. I don't know exactly the thing going on with her, and definitely I will ask and go deeper into the subject because I think it's very important. If people come to me and ask something, I say no - I didn't know I had to go [and report the approach]. Maybe she didn't know either, so how can we say she is guilty? I don't understand that. Maybe I am wrong, and maybe there is something I don't know.''

Asked if she'd been approached, Kuznetsova offered a less than emphatic denial. ''Well, you know, if I say yes, they are going to send me home,'' she said. ''I don't know. Approaches can be different. You can think it's a joke but maybe somebody else thinks it can be for real. You might not get if it's an approach or not. Do I have to go and tell WTA every joke I get about approach? You never know. I think we just need a better explanation about that.

''They can approach you, and you don't even know who's there. They can send you a letter, they can write to you on fan mail, they can do Facebook, whatever. You might not pay attention to it but it might be people trying to kick you out of the game. They might do it on purpose. There's going to be so many reasons they can kick you out of the tour, just like that, without you being guilty.''

Does anyone know of a rule stating that players must report such approaches from people?

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