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Re: Costa Mesa Intercollegiate Classic

came back after eating Pan fried noodle.

Jogasuria vs Radeva

Radeva wasn't that bad. Just that J was GOOD. She also had a sharp drive like Bursulaya but unlike her, she was consistent.
R really seems like Fink to me, at least her play-style is..and she does a forehand volley like Christian(I can't explain properly -.-), slices aren't

Zamudio vs Aboubakare

It was a good match. Both were good, A was a wee bit more powerful and she could nail a drive to the sideline near the net, but the difference was relatively negligible.

Now these J sisters..doubles, singles, they're pretty good..and Harutyunyan did pretty well at WAATC..this Akron team is a good team.

I suspect that the difference between LBS and UCI was depth last year, in that case Bisharat and Smith is only a plus. Smith is a smooth player (is this a right expression -.-), technically quite sound and has promise. Smith sisters are all good.

I didn't watch the semi too long 'cause the view was limited, I think J was ahead of Smith.

And the game between Toth (SJJC) and Hejazi (UCSB? he sported Cal shirt) was very interesting.
They both were good, but I was more impressed with Toth. He could do everything, quite nimble and his touch was great. (it was on court 9,
in case I got the names wrong)

Won't go tomorrow, so that's it.
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