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Re: Costa Mesa Intercollegiate Classic

Originally Posted by gouci View Post
Maybe it's the way you're dressed? If you go to a wealthy tennis club to watch a tournament you should be dressed in tennis attire. If you're dressed in regular jeans you'll stick out and may have people wondering who is that guy and what is he doing loitering around here. Maybe you should purchase a tennis warmup jacket and pants. If you go to a college match wear a cap or sweater of the team you support. If you're dressed appropriately people will know you're there for the tennis and probably will leave you alone.
thanks for the advice. Well in my case it had nothing to do with 'wealth', I've been to Riviera and West-End and such, but had no problem there. Maybe my sporting a dark? retro-looking(80s! it was the cheapest, so -.-) sunglass and a dark parka-'sinister' effect- might be the reason..though I don't think so, maybe being at all places everytime has an unsettling effect, like 'who's that strange guy who keeps popping up at EVERY tourney?

And I do have visors(NCAA, USC, CAL-it looked cool, really!..) and always wear them
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