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2009 Vika quiz [PRIZE FOR THE WINNER] Semifinals set!

I'm going to run the contest, the contest will be a quiz with questions about Vika, there will be a drawsheet (depends on the amount of participants), the matches will be played 1 vs 1, answers to the question will be sent via PM, the one who replies the quickest and most correct will win the point, every match will consist of 4 questions. Questions about the quiz? Post them here. If you want to participate, please post 'in'.
There will be a prize for the winner. Furnished by Mike (Igor_biscan): premium membership for 1 year.
Rules: As said before, a match between 2 players will consist of 4 questions. The players who sends the right answer the quickest, will win the point of the first question. It'll be the same way for the other 3 questions. If you don't know the answer to the question, you are allowed to search for the answer on the internet but this will probably not make you the first to send the PM with the answer. However, if the answer of the one who sent first is incorrect, the player who was second in sending will get the point if his answer is correct obviously. A match between 2 players will only commence when both players are fully concentrated on only the quiz and nothing else, otherwise you won't have a proper chance to win. In case of a tie after the 4 questions have been asked (2-2), a deciding (easy) question will be posted and the players need to answer with the same system as usual.
Deadline for entering: 13u00 CET, 27th december.

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