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Re: [GMT] Sex in the Graphic City Chat thread

Hi guys.

I'm just here to announce that I'll be taking an indefinite break from GMT.

It has always been my intention to play GMT as a fun thing, and as a temporary thing on the side, not full time. Many of my friends know that I have always intended to stop playing at the end of this year (actually, I wanted to stop playing after Doha but I thought 'why not' with the GMOTY because I was on holidays anyway.)

Don't worry, it's nothing serious and this decision has not been affected with the various issues that have arisen, it has just always been the plan. One of the things I like about my graphics (if that doesn't sound too cocky ) is that I always followed my vision, my 'take' on things, no matter what. Even from the first match I played in GMT, I found that the tastes of GMT were very different to those of my taste. (Of course there is nothing wrong with this, it's just a matter of opinion. ) More and more, I found myself conforming and thinking to myself "what would they like?" Instead of just going with my heart and going with what looks right to me. So, I knew that I had to stop playing one day to take a step back and finally get that freedom in my graphics again - without the pressure to look a certain way. I know some of you may be rolling your eyes right now, thinking that I'm taking the game way too seriously and I apologise if you feel this way, but this is just the way I feel.

However, I am not going to be closed-minded and say that I won't be playing ever again. Who knows how I feel later on next year, I might return or I might not.

I want to wish all the other players and voters too the very best success and I hope GMT 2010 will be awesome, I for sure will be watching as a voter.

Have a good one guys.

Oh, and I won't rule out doubles - it could be a fun thing. What happens to me sometimes is that I just take the game too seriously and put pressure on myself in the singles. This doesn't happen to me in doubles, thankfully, so we'll see.
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