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Re: Official name change thread: Be careful with usernames you request.

Originally Posted by Elwin View Post
can you change my name
Sorry i'm too impatient, i know.
Yeah ok, give me a minute.

I don't do name changes anymore but seeing that it's Xmas I'll make you my one exception.

Originally Posted by youizahoe View Post
It was a message to you guys too, that I don't want to cause any harm with that name, the name only reflects to me, not to the rest, they shouldn't feel insulted by something as an username. My intention was new username, not a word that upsets everyone for the most retarded reasons
You haven't caused any harm - whether it was you or anyone else that chose that username it was inevitable eventually that such a question would be asked.

So forget it and let's all move on, this has already taken up enough time and let's face it, it's total melodrama over nothing of any importance.
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