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Re: Official name change thread: Be careful with usernames you request.

Originally Posted by Kart View Post
This is pretty much the reason for not allowing it. We do try to be liberal with usernames but respond to posters' feedback and try to stop encountering the same problems over and again.

There is nothing more to discuss here.

Slutilo is not going to be allowed as a username.

Slutiana and Slutati are the reason why we've cracked down on usernames but we agreed at the time we were not going to force them to change their names. If they ever change them, they will not be allowed to change back.
Originally Posted by Kart View Post
When you take over as forum admin, you can poll the users for anything you like.

Until then however, there's nothing more for me to say on this. JustDoIt, choose another username if you want to and it'll be considered.
Originally Posted by Kart View Post
Yes I agree you're probably right but that wasn't fully appreciated that the time the request was granted.

I don't think we'd allow it again to be honest as we've received some complaints.

I think you guys got an explanation, now enough with the chatting, thanks.

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