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Re: The Inner Dominion of The Dinara Disciples Vol. 3

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Wow!!I'm still recovering from your post in the Dinatards.While it's normal for folks to look back nostalgically at their single days,it almost seemed to me as if you REGRETTED marriage.You don't need to reply,if you don't wish(I won't pry),but I'd feel like total crap if I came home and saw a note written on the table--we're assuming that my wife had mislaid it temporarily--where my wife longed to be single again.......
Bruce! While marriage/parenthood has its own set of rewards I don't think anyone who has been married for a long time would say that it was "more fun" than being young, single and dating! I mean I want to be married now but I won't pretend that I didn't enjoy my "fancy-free" days! By the way, are you married Bruce?

To answer your question,Alabama looks stronger,overall,to me...and that means that your Vols were THIS close--imagine my fingers pinched closely together--to ruining the championship season..
I know...

The difference with college football is that 18- and 19-year-olds aren't as dependable as pros...they might go out partying the night before the game and be wasted when it's time to play.
Yes like that guy from Florida getting a DUI before the SEC champ game.

IF you don't hate the Tide as a Vols fan might,then I hope your hubby enjoys a national championship celebration in January...and even the Tide's first Heisman winner
Well, I have rather mixed emotions on this. As a graduate of the UofA I should of course be excited for them to win but somehow the orange in me just can't be! I think they have a good shot though. And hubby is ridiculously excited about it. He was jumping around like a (drunken) lunatic last Saturday.
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