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re: 1949 results

Rankings, Comings and Goings

Doris Hart is sidelined for several months due to an eye condition requiring surgery. She cruelly finds out she must have surgery just as she is getting ready to sail for England to play at Wimbledon.

Helen Jacobs rejoins the US Navy on April 11th. Jacobs was a WAV during the war. Helen's book "Gallery of Champions", a classic, came out early this year.

Augusta Bradley Chapman died on February 11, aged 75. Her playing career spanned over 30 years. Born in Brooklyn, daughter of Stephen R Bradley and Augusta Tremaine Bradley. Widow of George Lewis Chapman, vice-president of Nyack Bank.

Helen Homans McLean dies at the age of 70 on March 29th. Homans was the US Champion in 1906. Her husband Marshall Mclean was a lawyer. Helen also shared the US doubles with Carrie Neely in 1905 and was the New Jersey State Champ in 1914. She had one daughter named Sarah.


Beverly Baker weds actor Scotty Beckett of "Little Rascals" fame ten days after the pacific Southwest.
Their marriage is a brief one, as Beckett punches out another man on the honeymoon for "looking at his wife". One report claims Bev jumped out of a moving car to escape Scotty during an argument. By early 1949 they are separated and will divorce.

Pauline Betz weds Robert (Bob) Addie, Washington Times sportswiriter, on February 5th.

Nelly Adamson Nelly Adamson marries the tennis player Pierre-Henri Landry.
The date is uncertain. Tod Robbins, her first husband, died 10 May 1949.

National Rankings

1 F Piedrola de Zappa
2 Gertrude Easton
3 E Lehmann
4 Nora de Somoza
5 I de Bondar

Note:Marie Teran de Weiss ranked #1 early in year. Not in later ranking as she played aborad for most of 1949

Australian Rankings (issued April 1949)

01 Nancy Bolton VIC
02 Thelma Long NSW
03 Joyce Fitch NSW
04 Mary Hawton NSW
05 Marie Toomey NSW
06 Dulcie Young VIC
07 Esme Ashford NSW
08 Alison Baker TAS
09 Nell Hopman VIC
10 Sadie Newcombe SA

1 M van Cutsem
2 J de Ridder
3 M Van Leer
4 A Coessens
5 O Parion
6 J Pacquet
7 F Isaac
8 M du Monceau
9 Christianne Mercelis
10 Y Stuart

1 Pat Macken
2 Elaine Fildes
3 L Brown
4 M Green
5 C Renshaw
6 Mrs E Lewis

1 Lisa Gram Andersen
2 Else Prochownik
3 Eva Munthe Fog
4 Milly Van Nilesen
5 Elly Nielsen
6 Dora Dahl
7 Ester Berg Nielsen
8 Tove Hansen
9 Lise Unmack

France (*note several tied rankings)
1 Nelly Adamson
2 Jacqueline Boutin
2 A de Cazelet
2 Anne-Marie Seghers
5 Jacqueline Marcellin
6 Maud Galtier
6 Jacqueline Patorni
9 Mme Dubois
9 Suzanne Pannetier

1 Inge Pohmann
1 A von Tarney
3 M Muller-Hein
4 M von Gerlach
5 Totta Zehden
6 T Dietz Hamel
7 I Fuchs
8 G Hamann
9 U Heidtmann
9 H Tidow

1 Mrs K Singh
2 P Khanna
3 L Woodbridge

1 Nel Hermsen
2 J Roos-van de Wal
3 Mrs Blaisse-Terwindt
*#4 missing from Dunlop Annual
5 Mrs Z Schmeir
6 Mrs E van Berkel-Belzer
7 Mrs A Koopmans-Knottenbolt
8 Mrs Scholten-Klein
9 Mrs Vlienader Hein-Dijckmeester

South Africa

1. Sheila Summers
2. Ethel "Toots" Watermeyer
3. Ruth Smith Stevens
4. Mary Van Zyl Muller
5. Hazel Redick
6. Phyllis Dimbleby
7. Beryl Nicholas Bartlett
8. Julia Tamsen Wipplinger
9. Peggy Pentelow
10.J. Tooth

United States
01 Margaret duPont
02 Louise Brough
03 Doris Hart
04 Pat Todd
05 Helen Pastall Perez
06 Shirley Fry
07 Gussie Moran
08 Beb Baker Beckett
09 Dottie Head
10 Barbara Scofield
11 Madga Rurac
12 Helen Pedersen Rihbany
13 Baba Madden Lewis
14 Betty Rosenquest
15 Madge "Bunny" Harshaw Vosters
16 Betty Struthers
17 Nancy Morrison
18 Midge Gladman Buck
19 Mo Connolly
20 Laura Lou Jahn
21 Barbara Wilkins


Flying by plane is slowly replacing boat travel. Brough and duPont flew to Paris. Gussie Moran flys to and from Wimbledon on a Pan-Am jet.

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