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1949 results

Overview of 1949

American dominance continued unabated in 1949. In fact, with Doris Hart winning the Aussie all 4 grand slams were won by Americans, the first time one nation has swept all 4 slams in one year. Yankee control was so complete that in one World Ranking list there were 9 Americans in the top ten. Potter's list (for complete list see below) had Brit Betty Hilton at #9. Gillou's list had 2 Brits-Hilton at #5 and Walker-Smith at #10. Oliff's list contained 4 non-Americans.

The dupont-Brough reign continued. duPont's 2 majors came in the French and American titles. Had she won the close Wimbledon final she would have a rare triple, but Brough is toughest on Centre Court. The Wimbledon final was a fluctuating affair. duPont had 4 set points at 5-4; she lost the set 10-8, then swept through tthe second at 6-1. The final set was almost a repeat of the first.Brough was two points from defeat at 5-6. She held on and eventually won the match at 10-8. Brough followed her triumph by winning the womens doubles with friend dupont. The triple proved too much though, as a tired Louise and partner Bromwich fell to Sheila Summers and Sturgess 9-7 9-11 7-5.

In all Brough was on court 5 hours in 3 finals-the last ending past 9 PM.

Perennial #3 Doris Hart looked ready to challenge for the top when she won Australia, but an eye injury kept her out of Wimbledon. Doris' late season performance gave her fans hope;she knocked off duPont before the US title and then beat Louise at Forest Hills. The problem is she has yet to beat both tennis queens back to back. Each time she takes out one the other is waiting in the wings to get revenge.

Outside of American tennis things look bleak. Dunlop's Annual noted that "the 1949 season for England's ladies was dissapointing". Bright spots included the play of Betty Hilton and Joan Curry's shock win over Louise Brough on a slow wet clay court at the French. This was Louise's first loss ever to a foreigner. Joan couldn't follow through with her upset though, losing to Bossi in the quarters at Paris. Bossi's semi performance was the first time an Italian has made the semis of a major.

Mrs duPont announces she will play less in 1950.

World Rankings

By Pierre Gillou of France

01 Margaret duPont (US)
02 Louise Brough (US)
03 Doris Hart (US)
04 Pat Todd (US)
05 Betty Hilton (GB)
06 Gussie Moran (US)
07 Helen Pastall Perez (US)
08 Shirley Fry (US)
09 Beverly Baker Bennett (US)
10 Jean Walker-Smith (GB)

By John Olliff of Great Britain

01 Margaret duPont (US)
02 Louise Brough (US)
03 Doris Hart (US)
04 Nancye Bolton (AUS)
05 Pat Todd (US)
06 Betty Hilton (GB)
07 Sheila Summers (SA)
08 Annalissa Bossi (ITY)
09 Joan Curry (GB)
10 Jean Walker-Smith (GB)

Some of Olliff's comments

"Mrs duPont just gets the verdict over Miss Brough. She won the American and the French Chmps and came within two points of beating Miss Brough in the final of Wimbledon."

"Mrs Bolton must be taken on trust as she did not play outside Australia during the season"

By Edward Potter of American Lawn Tennis

01 Margaret duPont (US)
02 Louise Brough (US)
03 Doris Hart (US)
04 Helen Pastall Perez (US)
05 Pat Todd (US)
06 Shirley Fry (US)
07 Gussie Moran (US)
08 Beverly Baker Bennett (US)
09 Dottie Head (US)
10 Betty Hilton (GB)


This thread owes a debt of gratitude to Ugarte (with a big assist from DavidK), whose results thread for 1949 may be found at: Thread 1949

I also want to thank GeeTee with a major assist in providing Australian results.

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