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•~º~º~Welcome to Vikaland~º~º~ • off-topic/introduction thread- Vikalume 2.

Welcome to Vikaland

Visitors are welcome to Vikaland, a place of infinite wonder and exquisite beauty ruled by the sublime and resplendent Queen Victoria. Enjoy your stay, but please respect our customs and refrain from annoying the Queen. Despite her benevolent nature and generally pleasant demeanor, Her Majesty is known for her mercurial temper, and it is best not to provoke her righteous wrath

I hope we can enjoy in our chatthread

To be a member of Vikaland, choose a title please


Will (Vikilliam.):The Official president of Vikaland.
Andrew (Hellas719): The Official treasurer of Vikaland.
Erik (Vaidisova28):The Official Headband Supplier of Vikaland.
Chrono(Chrono): The Official roller coaster controller of Vikaland
Aleh(Aleh): The Official Belorussian Ambassador of Vikaland
Ksenia(Ksenia): The Official Trophy Polisher of Vikaland
Christina(Christina): The Official Defender of Temper Tantrums in Vikaland
Mike(Igor_Biscan): The Official Bagel and Breadstick Server of Vikaland
Sam(Saul1333): The Official Lost Child of Vikaland.
Nina(Wyna): The Official Fashion Stylist of Vikaland.
Sebastien(Lover_of_Myskina): The Official Roland Garros Vika's Bodyguard of Vikaland.
Victoria(Dentine) : The Official Cookie Baker of Vikaland
Jen (sunnysmydelite): The Official Fashion Guru of Vikaland
Craig(allrounder): The Official Anger Management Counsellor of Vikaland
Ruthann (Jadefox): the Official bartender for Vikaland
Pieter The Official Backhand Emperor of Vikaland
Carlos (Carlos_Fernandes): The Official Shoe Specialist of Vikaland
Andreas(Andreas): the Official First Lady of Vikaland
Izzie(MariafanNovak): The Official Pouty-Face of Vikaland
Rita (LadyB) :The Official forehand of Vikaland .
Ani(omgezani): The Official water supplier of Vikaland
Delfina(Delfii): The Oficial Tweet Supplier of Vikaland
Jeremie (Martian_Jeza) :The official orphan of Vikaland
Tolga (JJ-Fan): The Official Racket Bag Carrier of Vikaland
Robyn (Mary Cherry):The Official .GIF Guru of Vikaland
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________

free titles:

The Official Racket Bag Carrier of Vikaland

you can also choose your own title

Azarenka Radwanska Muguruza Bouchard Wozniacki Cirstea Mladenovic

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