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Originally Posted by iainmac View Post
Yola Ramirez eh? A great player on clay they say. You were a teenager in the early 50s when she came to the fore so of course you have an insight into her game that we dont have!!!!!!And agreed they cant play on clay to save their lives these days!!!
Nelslus was a teenager in the early 50s?

OK. Let nelslus put this another way....


For cryin' out loud, the AGELESS nelslus was born in 1959- which of course is PLENTY bad enough, bub.

Just for this HORRENDOUS insult, Mister, nelslus shall have to cancel your subscription for the chance to view new of-course-tastefully-semi-revealing photos of nelslus and other photogenic Ancients at

P.S. When you next wake up in the morning to find Yola Ramirez's head in your bed, don't let it be said that you have not been warned.

Edit: No mo' goin' all gangsta Pixie Lamm on you ass. Now Nelslus All About Kübler-Ross'in' Acceptance in The BFTP Crib. Word.
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