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Re: tennis racquets recommendation

Originally Posted by Kulrom View Post

I bought Reflex 102 (Babolat) and i went to training after that. Althrough i liked the feeling playing with it the trainer told me that it's a racquet for kids and that i need something better.

Ok it wasn't too pricey so i can simply keep this reflex 102 and buy another one. But what should be my choice for god's sake?

I was training boxing prior tennis and i am really strong (sorry if it sounds silly). I am 102kg and 183cm (pure muscle).

Also, here the money is not the question but when i asked him should i buy a profy racquet like Babolat AeroProDrive, he warned me that it's not good for my elbow ligaments. This is so confusing i must say.

What would be the compromise between Reflex 102 and AeroProDrive. It does not have to be Babolat of course.

Originally Posted by Kulrom View Post

I am an athlete and recently i started to play tennis. Today the trainer told me that the racket i have is not for me as i am too strong ...

He recommended me a store to buy the racket but did not give me any tips about how to get one that will match me best.

I was considering K Factor FX but couldn't find the exact model that Federer uses for the tournaments.

Btw, do you think that Wilson really make the best rackets and should i check the other vendors as well (Babolat, Head etc.) ?

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