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Re: tennis racquets recommendation

Here is your racquet.

Note that it is listed under "free time" which means "recreational" racquets. If you are just hitting occasionally and for fun, this is fine. If you are taking lessons and playing competitively, you want a higher quality racquet.


Note its specs - head size is 102 and weight is 09.5 oz. You said you like it, so you want to get osmething with specs close to that. I suggest head size 100-102, and weight 9.5 oz plus (add a little weight). This will give you a lot of options.

Now take note of that data.

Next go to the various websites (Babolat, Wilson, Head, Dunlop - whatever brands are readily and plentifully available in your country) and browse through the selections online. Focus only on the ones in the ranges of the specs we noted. This is just to gain some familiarity.

Then, go to visit the store. Take a look at what is available in these ranges. Talk to the sales people. Hold and swing the racquets. Ask questions.

OK you are on your own now. Good luck.
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