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Re: US Open outfits!

Serena's night match black with flourescent purple is the best outfit this tourney, but the daytime version is less nice because it simply ends up showing sweat.

Venus' outfit is almost a total failure except for serving its function. Overdesigned. The design on back does not go well with the black/white trim on front. If you are going to have such a design, the whole outfit should be simpler to highlight the art (also, I don't like the crown plus design; it really does look like a womb, or fallopian tubes, as someone earlier pointed out). I don't mind the side fins, but I don't like it with the bad material, tattoo design, and the black/white racing stripe.

Maria's night outfit is overdesigned as well--all those patches of different material and then the silver lamé end up lame. The day time version is much nicer, though it looks a bit like sweatsuit materials. But it is better.

Nadia's outfit rivals Jelena's for just awful. Anta, if that is Jelena's sponsor, makes some awful outfits. So fussy and ugly with color. Stella McCartney needs to stop using that taupe-y brown color. It does nothing for most people's skin, including Wozniacki. Kirilenko's outfit was nice and simple. I don't remember any other outfits, except Flavia's. Her Wimbledon outfit was better.
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