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Re: Viktoriya Tomova Cheering Thread

Nope i need to train my english before school starts so i will try my best here it goes:

Q: Tell us a little more for your self, when did you start playing tennis, and who intruduced it to you?
A: My father is a big fan of tennis and when i was six he took me to the TK Levski courts. (TK is Tennis club) Before that i was training and latino dances, but i stoped and now is only the tennis.

Q: This year you have done your best results - you won some big tournaments and after that you became a european champion. In the start of the year you started with two loses in quaterfinals, but after that you won 4 tournaments, won 24 consecutive matches and 9 in the world and european team championships. Did you change something in your game?
A: In the end of the last year i had a broken bone in my leg and i didn`t play 2 months. I guess this lost my fell for matches and it is hard when you didn`t play alot of time. And i started listening more to my coach.

Q: You became european champion without losing a set. Acording to the results it was very easy. Was it?
A: Results sometimes lie. It wasn`t easy but i played on 100% and i won. but for sure it wasn`t easy.

Q: What was the first thing you though of when you won the last point in the european championships?
A: First i couldn`t believe it. Then i looked to my box and screamed a load "YEEEES" ("DAAAA" was what she screamed) It was incredible.

Q: With your wins you took the attention of IMG. Is it true you now have a contract with them?
A: Yes, alot of agencies had interest but we stoped on IMG.

Q: So you will play in the 3 10,000$ tournaments in bulgaria and Aliance Cup who is with 100,000$ prize money.
A: Yes i will play all four.

Q: And will you play U14 and U18 tournaments?
A: The world championship was my last U14 tournament but about the U18 i don`t know...

Q: When did you feel most happy on court?
A: I was most happy when i won the tournament in Portugal it was my first I category tournament. The final was close and when it was 5-4 in the first set i said to myself "Common Viki just some more points". When i won it i was about to cry and i could`t believe it.

Q: When did you feel most miserable?
A: When i lost to Julia Putintseva in the european team qualifying. I played for Bulgaria and i didn`t show my best.

Q: What is the feeling to play for Bulgaria?
A: It is incredible. The feel is diferent from playing for yourself.

Q: Do you dream to play for Bulgarian Fed Cup team?
A: I think about that and i hope they give me they`re trust and invite me to play.

Q: You said you could win the world championships but you didn`t have enought luck in the draw.
A: Yes we played America who won the title. Cveti (Tsveta Dimitrova) was close to the victory but she just could`t do it. (If Tsveta won we were going to defeat America because Viki beated Vickery)

Q: Who are your fauvorite players?
A: Jusein Bolt. And tennis players Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer. They are incredible.

Q: What do you do in your free time. How do you relax?
A: I like watching films and listening to music. I like Hip Hop and R&B.

Q: Do you listen to music before matches?
A: Always! But there isn`t a special one. I just listen the one that is my fauvorite in the moment. Now i listen Stereo Love.

Q: Which is your fauvorite film?
A: It is "What happens in Vegas"!

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