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Originally Posted by I Heart Mimi View Post

It's silly. The woman was suffering from a disc problem in her back and sought treatment for it. It's not like she went out and decided to cheat, or to snort cocaine for fun like you know who. There has to be some flexibility in the rules to acommodate medical treatments.

I'm sure, if it works, that she'll be happy to trade her health for any penalty levied against her.
Tamira has a lot of potential. I hope her back heals up.

They never seem to have any flexibility to accommodate medical treatments. The companies who are making a lot of money from this drug testing and anti doping arrangement have no interest in protecting the players. I think one day that will have to change though, the players will rebel. I have seen enough of the way the ITF, WTA and ATP treats players to know that they don't care about the wellbeing of any players. Only name players can sometimes, if they are determined, throw their reputation around and get lesser sentences, due in part to media influence. Volandri was banned for a few months just for using his asthma inhaler like twice instead of once during an asthma attack. They wouldn't let him off on a technicality. They took his prizemoney for a few months back. They consider it more money that they can get back.

Originally Posted by I Heart Mimi View Post
They really just dragged her name through the mud for nothing.
I hope Tamira gets better and returns to top level tennis. But I really dislike the way the WTA and ITF have been handling these drug accusations. The ITF, the WTA and ATP are not doing enough to protect their players. They are just letting the drug testing and anti doping companies have their way with players without doing anything to defend their name. It's as if they are afraid of them- so if a person is accused of doping, the ITF backs away and tries to distance themselves from them instead of waiting to see the truth. Tamira would never cheat. I can tell just by watching her. She just wants to be able to play.

Both the WTA and ATP probably need player unions, like they have in some other sports. Initially, the ATP was a players union, but now the players are just bit players being told what to do by corporations. The women aren't much better off.

Tamira, hope you get better

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