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Re: Nutty meets nutty JJ.. my "JJ in Cincy" thread

JJ Encounter #2:

So by now, we knew the drill... JJ would come out to jog and we would ambush her.. this time, i got a pic of her dad..

Mladjo: Geez, putting up with JJ is one thing, but do i also have to put up with her dad?

JJ started flexing her muscles along the side of the stadium.. She also started complaining to one of the officials " There is no place for me to warm up in the gym" While she was flexing, a couple came up to her and took a picture with her..Ricardo, then shooed them away " please, 5 minutes, please, warming , please 5 minutes, please, yes, please, please.." The couple then started warming up right next to her and they started taking pics alongside her... (sorry for the blurry pics, i was clicking as fast as i could)

JJ was like " what's going on here ?" and she started laughing. The guy then took out an autographed ball of JJ that he had caught when she threw them into the stadium.. He said something to her (i think it was "I'm thinking of selling it on ebay") to which JJ replied "good luck with that" he then laughed and said to his wife, " she's really something"....

Mladjo then approached her and they started talking for a while.. there were people all around her waiting for an autograph...

JJ: so after this, you wanna...
Mladjo: Please JJ, not in front of Grandpa Ricardo.. just the thought of him can ruin the moment...

Ricardo: So JJ.. you have to focus on this exercise..and after this we'll work on your 2nd serve
JJ: (thinking to self) ..Whoa.. .i can see inside his mouth....

As always, yours truly managed to get another autograph..... i also spoke to JJ this time...
Me: JJ can you sign my T-shirt again..
JJ: (smiling)
Me: I'll wear a new one as long as you keep winning..
JJ: (looking at me and smiling).. Ok, thanks...

(thanks for the pic Louisa)

People kept coming up to me and asking me where i bought it... I was like.. A store that sells JJ merchandise ? They'd have gone bankrupt by now, given the way she had been playing until recently.

Oh and to end it all... i spotted some Serbian fans from across the stadium. Boy, for a tiny nation, you manage to show up in practically every city..

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