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Re: Nutty meets nutty JJ.. my "JJ in Cincy" thread

Originally Posted by ms_nut View Post
JJ encounter #2:

JJ and Ricardo were having an animated discussion, they were arguing about something.... It seemed like JJ was talking in Serbian, and Ricardo in Spanish.. and yet they both seemed to understand each other... or was like neither one was paying any attention to what the other person was saying

JJ and Ricardo conversation:

JJ (in Serbian): You know, I really like makeup, but do you know what kinds of makeup I like? Wait, I'll test you to see if you know me. What's my favourite mascara?

Ricardo (in Spanish): Wait did you just say something about your serve? I think we should work on your serve this afternoon. See if you can get some more pop on it and a bit more kick on that second serve.

JJ (in Serbian): Wrong! It's L'oreal Voluminous. (getting annoyed) Also, why are you talking funny? You pronounced mascara wrong.

Ricardo (in Spanish): Wait what did you say? These sunglasses make it hard for me to hear what you're saying.

JJ (in Serbian): How could you say that! I have never endangered anyone with my use of glitter. I'm careful, you know, not to put myself in positions where I might cause sunstrike to drivers.

Ricardo (in Spanish): Hmm? Oh we'll grab something to eat after practice. Maybe get something healthy. Don't want to practice on a full stomach. Might get a sore tummy.

JJ (in Serbian): And no I do not use too much foundation! How dare you!

Ricardo (in Spanish): And why the heck are you shouting? Would you prefer something spicy?

JJ (in Serbian): It's okay I forgive you. It's hard for a man to understand these things.

Ricardo (in Spanish): Okay then it's settled. We'll get Indian.

JJ muttering under her breath: (I'm glad I got through that important conversation. Can't have him misunderstanding these things. It's a good thing I can always tell what he really means, otherwise I might feel insulted sometimes.)
Ricardo thinking to himself: (Boy that accent she has, it's so strong. Half the time I'm not sure she even understands what I'm saying. At least I always remember to speak in English to her.)
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