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Can I advertise my website on here ?

If you run a WTA player website and want to bring it to the attention of other users, there are three ways to do this:

1. Advertise the website via a link in your signature.

To do this, access your user control panel and then access edit signature (Please read the signature rules).

2. Contact General Messages Moderator ^bibi^ via private message and he will add it (if appropriate) to the Players Websites Link List thread.

Please see here for more information: Players Websites Link List (last update 27/09/09 - Please read first post!)

3. On rare occasions where it is relevant to the topic at hand, you can mention your website as part of a conversation. Repeatedly doing this however is unacceptable and considered spamming.

Do not start threads repeatedly advertising your website - this is also considered spamming.

For information on what else is considered to be spamming, see here: POLICY Spamming / Abuse via the reputation or private messaging (PM) system

If you want to advertise formally on this site, contact Vertical Scope directly, see here for further details:

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