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Re: Graphics questions, tips & tutorials

OK, let me try to explain this. Hope I will be clear... I am using CS on this computer so I will just try to get this from what I remember

First in order to get a youtube video on your PC, you have to either use one of the websites for downloading youtube vids (I think this is possible to do with Real Player if you have it installed too) and then you might need to convert the file to a format that PS can read (.avi or .mov for example). I wouldn't suggest this method as it takes way too much time.

The other way to do this and the one I use is with a video capturing program (I use CamStudio) to record only the part of the video you need for the gif. Once you have recorded that part save it as an avi file.

Next, open PS and go to File>Import>Video frames to layers and insert that video you just recorded. Then a window will pop-up with the options to insert the whole video or just some parts of it. Here you also have the option to insert only every second frame, which you might need to use so the gif won't come out too large. Choose whatever you want at this stage and press OK.

In order to see all your frames go to Window>Animation. It should open you a grid at the bottom of your screen with all your frames and the time delay for each of them. You can adjust that to your liking (I usually use 0.1 second delay if I inserted only every second frame). Then you can crop, resize or whatever else you wish to do. On that grid you will also find a play button which you can click to preview your gif.

Hope I didn't miss anything important until this point... Now you can save the gif with Save for Web and Devices... Make sure you file extension is .gif and you also might need to change some of the settings in order to reduce the size.

If you have any further questions (I am sure you will, I really don't think I was very clear), don't hesitate to ask
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