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Re: Adam & Eve..(anovic)

Originally Posted by jonnyroyale_13 View Post
alright, someone set me straight on the timeline and the facts of all this gossip, because i wasnt really paying attention before.
The pics of them prancing around in the ocean are from around the AO, right?
Then we have Nadal instructing Ana on the putting green when were those? And whats the deal with Ana and Nadal, anyway? Are they just friends?
Then this golfer boyfriend re-appears when hes spotted in the Wimbledon box, correct?
And what is the timeline on the Fernando relationship, i wasnt paying attention to that either. i know he was at the YEC, thats about all i remember other than a whole bunch of pics in the photo thread.
I guess i should stay better informed on all this
Nando and Ana met at the US Open. Then we had those pics from Beijing and the Great Wall and everyone began speculating about them. They later confirmed it and we saw pics of him in her box at the YEC and the two of them out and about almost everywhere (Airport, football (soccer) games, shopping, practise court, with fam) and so on...

Then at the beginning of the year we had pictures of Adam and Ana on the beach (I think before Brisbane) and during Brisbane Ana and Nando broke up.

After the Australian Open Ana "was seen" with Adam in Australia, but it were only rumors, without pics!

During the Miami tournament Ana and Rafa went golfing together and I think they later went golfing on Mallorca. They're just friends though. They hung out last year already, but I think there's nothing more to it.

Ana also went golfing with Adam (maybe that's her thing), though I don't think there were any pics and nobody gave it a second thought.

And the Adam showed up for Wimbledon and Ana returned the favor for the Scottish Open.

That's all I know
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