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Re: Danish Delight - Caroline Wozniacki thread - vol 3

Caroline has played much better earlier this year.
I cannot remember the exact names of the matches, some of which I saw, and I havn't time to research it, but here in this house we are convinced.
Just remember the match where she had 12 aces. Things like getting aces on second serves some times. ETC ETC.
I think some of it is the change back to clay, i think she mentioned it herself.
She also said that whatever the ranks or form or some such, when you went went out on the court you had 50% chance.

Watching the news video of her training boxing in Copenhagen, I was struck by the serious way she went at it, and the trainer said that he immediately could tell she was a professional athlete, she went at it completely focused just as a pro boxer would.
Then in a pre Kirilenko match TV report from TV2 Sporten .DK about the they showed her training in a garden in Bastad with the trainer, in the evening after she had played.
This made me think that (and this is just my OWN thoughts) maybe she was a bit tired of tennis what with playing so much this year, and the fact that things were standing still for her right now. She has achieved her goal for 2009 allready, she is in the top 10. She only got to R4 at Wimbledon and I think they hoped for QF at least. And she needs to start beating top 10 people to get higher.
Maybe this boxing thing is a way of doing other stuff away from tennis, but still keeping fit and strong.

Looking back at what I have written I hope people can follow it.

Anyway after Bastad, I hope the 3 weeks without tournaments and the combined training/holiday Piotr talked about, she will come back with renewed energy, accuracy and geist.
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