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Originally Posted by Stiles. View Post
I still don't get why you think i hate sofia or something. I appologize if i am not as privileged as you to know her in person, but that doesn't mean my oppinion on her cannot be valid. I am glad to hear she has added a lot of variety to her game (Which wasn't really noticeable in her match in Minsk earlier this year which i had the chance to watch.
I may seem a bit too pessimistic but for me you are way too sure about her future. The world of tennis is really unpredictable - you cannot tell anything for sure.

And please do not laugh cause i play national tournaments. Not everyone has the talent/will/funds to go travelling abroad. My dream from the very childhood was to be a tennis player but it didn't work out. For that reason, I play the local tournaments only and you cannot know whether i take the losses seriously or they dont mean much to me. Please keep the immature comments and "LOL"-ing for yourself.
you were a tennis player? really? my apologies- you don't sound to be a tennis player. Sofia's match in Minsk- after injury, all upset- you find it interesting? It was an awful match, she went there without single training. And these are not the words of a professioanl -to judge a player by 1 match seen on internet. Yes, Lol.
She had awful crossroad that period- no coach, no way back or forward. Have you tried to train in Ian Homer in winter? If you have a chance to train in Gas smell on inflated court and you show the results- bravo. But please do not get hurt. You and Sofia have equal conditions. Everyone pushed her back because of lack fo finances but she did never give in. You know what is Georgia- you have talent and no money- put the raqcuet. And everyone encourages rich children. You think she has money now? dont force me to tell how it feels for her to be all alone all the time and to try to show the best results. And there are other girls- i do not mentione dthe names- very good girls who are the same - earning their way in tennis themselves. If you get to know everything- perhaps you'll change your wise opinion. Sofia is quite strong, and there are a lot of girls in her conditions I don't tell that she is a single case. But only those who risk -they win.
Good luck on local tourneys- you sounded to be disappointed old man- from where do i know who you are? But one more time- sorry if i'm wrong- you do not sound professional. Go abraod without money on your risk- then let's talk. What you win or what you lose. and then I will show at you by my finger -like- look, he is a loser, look, why he plays?? Let's talk after you feel like our girls do. Try to win professional tournaments all alone and come back here to share your ideas.
Good luck.
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